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Introduction of Product Registration in China

2.7.202110:00 CEST1 Stunde
China GBK Online-Training Series:

China Hazardous Chemical Product Registration in China

Chinese government's requirements for the supervision of hazardous chemicals are increasing day by day. It is trend that the government want to combine the registration data with the supervision work. 2021 The new registration system will be start testing. The new system should not only meet the basic query function, but also increase the business processing support content. It include supervision of SDS, Label and digital code which can save the chemical Registration information.

- An overview of China Chemical Product Registration Regulation and inventory
- The new Requirements of the Registration System in China( Label , Digital code)

Target Group:

- Enterprises who have ambitious promoting China market but not aware of local new chemical regulatory requirements and boundaries
- Employees who responsible for chemical regulatory affairs or related in China, such as Specialist/Expert/Manager/Director in Compliance, Product Safety, EHS, Import and Export, Quality, Logistic and Planning
- Anyone who is interested in the regulatory field or have willingness to acknowledge it


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