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K-REACH introduction

31.3.202010:00 CEST1 Stunde
Free of Charge

Korea Webinar Series: K-REACH introduction

Today more and more complicated new chemical management systems to be established and under development in Asia market, staying ahead of the trend in the chemical management and regulation turned to be a challenge to enterprises who have ambitious on promoting Asia market, and the regulatory related employees as well, particularly in the current climate of frequently changing regulation in Asia.

South Korea is playing an active role in the market since the revised K-REACH came into force last year, as the deadline for pre-registration passed, phase-in registration coming along which requires industries complete joint registration as per tonnage band by 2030. This webinar will picture an overview on K-REACH, introduce the new chemical and existing chemical registration and share some practical strategies for your product compliance as well.

Main Content:

- An overview of the status on K-REACH
- New chemical and existing chemical registration
- Strategies on K-REACH regulation compliance

Target Group:

- Enterprises who have ambitious promoting South Korea market but not aware of local chemical regulatory requirements and boundaries
- Employees who responsible for chemical regulatory affairs or related in South Korea, such as Specialist/Expert/Manager/Director in Compliance, Product Safety, EHS, Import and Export, Quality, Logistic and Planning
- Anyone who is interested in the regulatory field or have willingness to acknowledge it


J. Li

Expert on chemical compliance in APAC, focusing on chemical
registration in China/Taiwan/South Korea, serval years experiences on a global
consultant for regulatory service, and now working on RA&PS compliance/registration
in a leading chemistry company.