Korea Webinar Series: Korea Chemical management introduction

Date: Feb 21 2019, 10:00 – 11:00 A.M. (German Time)


Venue: Internet conference meeting


Fee: 79 €


TOPIC: Korea Chemical management and K-REACH amendments


Agenda: 10:00-10:45 Presentation / 10:45-11:00 Q&A


Language: English


Target Group:


Enterprise intends to manufacture/import chemicals in Korea
Managing Director/ EHS Manager/ Legal Specialist/Stewardship manager/Regulatory Specialist/ Logistic manager, who involving global chemical regulatory management work, EHS management, tracking of legal requirements


Content description:


“K-REACH” was enforced back to Jan.1, year 2015. Since then the South Korea’s Ministry of Environment have made several times amendments and the final version is significantly changed from the previous version which officially took effect on 1 Jan 2019. Enterprises that have import or manufacturing activities in Korea shall pay attention to the new requirements of compliance. There are some significant revisions of the Registration objects and Notification System, such as the amended K-REACH introduced exist chemical pre-registration work, which companies by achieving pre-registration number can get grace period for further registration (similar pre-registration concept as under EU-REACH)


The presentation will introduce the Korea regulation framework, chemical registration requirements under K-REACH and compliance suggestions


1. Korea regulation framework including K-REACH, K-OSHA, CCA
2. The revised K-REACH, new compliance requirements and potential influences
3. Summary and Q&A