Declaration of the two “100%” requirements for imported hazardous chemicals from April 2018

The port of Shanghai is consistently committed to the goal of “complete coverage and zero tolerance”.


According to the Order591 of Chinese State Council, according to the “full coverage, whole process and full closure” requirements of the State Quality Inspection Administration (qqsiq) on the imported and exported hazardous chemicals, Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau will carry out 100% inspection and 100% sampling work on the imported hazardous chemicals through Shanghai port from April, and complete the goal of “full coverage and zero tolerance”.


Specific implementation methods (principles): Checking at port, sampling at possession, testing at laboratory


There is a planed transition period of 6 months. In the transition period, the testing and clearance process are separated. After taking examples, the products could be sold and used. For the operation units and users related with the unqualified goods after testing, they could not separate the process of testing and clearance any more.


The problem that the labels of dangerous goods are incompatible with the products often occurred. The administration of commodity inspection has marked the operation units and products that had such records. This year, related departments will seriously deal with these companies.


The inspection laboratory will check the dangerous characteristics of declared goods after sampling and testing to verify the conformity of the declaration products. Importers and any companies related should ensure that they have provided valid declaration information based on laboratory test data.


If the test result is inconsistent with the declaration, it is necessary to stop production and sales of the product and accept the punishment from the administration. The followed imported goods of the related companies could not follow the former steps of testing and clearance any more. They could not product and sale the products until the testing results come out. This will affect the speed of custom clearance.


It is important for the Chinese importers to ask the foreign exporters to provide suitable labels for the products. Or the companies with repeated fouls will be seriously dealt with.