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Regulatory Compliance

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About us / About GBK

The GBK GmbH Global Regulatory Compliance has set it as its goal to offer preferentially to small and medium scale enterprises inclusive and qualified services in the health and safety areas.

The GBK GmbH Global Regulatory Compliance was founded in 1986 and has in the mean time evolved as an one international Consultancy, which not only possess an own US Representation but also advises foreign governments in questions of transport - and process ordinances.

Through numerous strategic cooperation contracts with qualified service companies and competent experts in the most important Industrial nations a wide ranging Consulting network has emerged, which services in the mean time well over 750 customers worldwide.

An essential success factor other than aggregate experience, reliability and the competence of the enterprise is the motivated and highly qualified staff. Experts at home and abroad can be brought in or consulted on a project based basis.

The GBK GmbH Global Regulatory Compliance sees itself as generalist with a wide range of capabilities covers a large spectrum of services. Daily new questions, which are put to us, re demonstrate however again and again how complicated the corporate daily routine in a jungle of laws, ordinances and regulations can be.

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