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Services / Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

Due to major accidents occurring during the transport of dangerous goods, the German implemented a responsible person in each legal entity who takes over the responsibility for all issues concerning the transportation of dangerous goods: the Safety Adviser.

Safety advisers quickly became a success story. Starting in Germany in 1989, the European Union adopted this important role within the “Safety Adviser Directive”, Directive 96/35/EEC on 3rd June, 1996.

Since 2001, safety advisers have been mandatory in all ADR/RID member States. All relevant training programmes have been surpassed in the U.S. The directive offers the option of transferring this activity to an external expert.

Service specification:

  • Taking over the responsibility of safety adviser for all modes of transport (road, rail, barge, air, sea).
  • Classification/labelling of substances and preparations including evaluation of suitable packaging.
  • Ongoing consultation for your organization.
  • Development of process-oriented checklists.
  • Regular training to ensure your employees always act in compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Periodical audits guarantee to detect possible weak areas.
  • Providing an IATA/DOT/IMDG compliant 24/7 emergency telephone number.

Your benefits:

  • We take on your legal responsibilities.
  • Reduction of internal fixed costs.
  • Fully experienced advisers offering high quality services.
  • Legal and organizational consulting regarding EHS.
  • Fast and reliable responses adapted to your needs.

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