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Emtel / Emtel Transport

What is GBK-EMTEL?

GBK-EMTEL stands for EMergency TELephone Number, an emergency management service organised and offered now for more than 15 years by GBK GmbH Global Regulatory Compliance, Ingelheim, Germany.

Who needs this emergency number?

Everybody forwarding hazardous goods to the USA and Canada. And: This emergency number for hazardous goods transportation is mandatory in numerous other countries and required by some air carriers.

International quality standards make the existence of an operational emergency management obligatory. It goes without saying, that an emergency action code is mandatory.

GBK-EMTEL makes it possible to comply with all standards world-wide!

Which services are covered by this emergency number?

Especially trained and English speaking emergency experts can be contacted during 24 hours / 7 days a week and will inform immediately in case of traffic incidences where hazardous goods are involved. The comprehensive service ensures assistance in case of spillage, fire or contamination including consulting relating to appropriate disposal measures to be taken.

How does it work?

You sign a yearly contract with GBK-EMTEL and file your product portfolio at GBK-EMTEL. We will do the rest. The yearly all-inclusive rate does not depend on the number of transports or the forwarded quantities. You are not bound to file each single transport.

The safety data sheets in English are stored on our emergency server or we will install a direct access to your database. Our well trained expert team will be able to access immediately the required data in the event of an emergency.

How can I get such a GBK-EMTEL contract?

You simply fill in the respective enquiry form and send it per email to GBK-EMTEL. Our partner in your country will contact you and give you the necessary information. Competent consulting will take place in your language and the appropriate preparation steps are carried out in co-operation with your company. A specimen contract submitted in your language is also part of our service.

You're interested?

Simply ask for us for a proposal here.

Regulatory base

DOT § 49 CFR 172.604 (Docket HM-126 C)

According to the DOT is mandatory for hazardous goods transportation into, via and over the national territory of the USA an emergency number complying fully with the DOT requirements. Any contravention or irregularity will be punished with a heavy administrative fine.

For requirement details clic here. Please read thoroughly - and answer than to following question:

Do you comply fully with these requirements by an internal comprehensive contingency plan?

IATA-DGR (hazardous goods airfreighting)

Derogating states
  • AEG-05 Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
  • CAG-15 Kanada
  • FRG-08 Frankreich
  • JMG-03 Jamaika
  • USG-12 Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika
  • VCG-07 Sri Lanka
  • ZAG-03 Südafrika
The number of states requiring a reliable and competent emergency contact for international hazardous goods transportation is still growing.

Can you guarantee such a 24hrs-service?

Deviating airlines
  • AC-02 Air Canada
  • AH-01 Air Algerie
  • BZ-05 Blue Dart Aviation Ltd.
  • CA-05 Air China
  • CX-04 Cathay Pacific Airways
  • CZ-03 China Southern
  • D0-09 DHL Air Limited - DHL
  • D5-05 DHL Aero Expreso S.A.
  • EK-01 Emirates
  • EY-01 ETIHAD Airways
  • GF-06 Gulf Air
  • IC-11 Indian Airlines
  • IJ-08 Great Wall Airlines
  • IT-08 Kingfisher Airlines
  • JJ-03 TAM Linhas Aereas
  • JK-07 Spanair
  • JL-11 Japan Airlines
  • JX-02 Jett8 Airlines Cargo
  • KA-04 Honk Kong Dragon Airlines
  • KC-01 Air Astana
  • KQ-05 Kenya Airways
  • KZ-09 Nippon Cargo Airlines
  • LC-06 Varig Logistica
  • LD-04 Air Hong Kong
  • LX-05 Swiss International
  • MH-04 Malaysia Airlines
  • MK-08 Air Mauritius
  • MP-04 Martinair Holland
  • MX-10 Mexicana Airlines
  • OU-10 Croatia Airlines
  • PZ-03 Transportes del Mercosul TAM
  • QA-10 Mexicana Click
  • QY-09 European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH-DHL
  • SK-06 SAS
  • SQ-08 Singapore Airlines
  • TG-06 Thai Airways International
  • TK-02 Turkish Airlines
Every carrier transporting hazardous goods through air carrier is bound to submit a 24 hours emergency number. Failure to comply with these requirements may lead in the best case to refusal (with charges) of the shipment by the clearing airport.
The result: An unsatisfied customer.

Is this your interest?

Trend: increasing!

There is no doubt about the future development: the number of airlines requiring this service is increasing.

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