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EMTEL ® / GBK Emergency Telephone Number

An emergency telephone number for dangerous goods transportation is mandatory in numerous countries including the USA and Canada, and it is required by many air carriers (IATA). According to regulation 1907/2006/ EC, this emergency number must be included on any safety data sheet.

GBK’s Emergency Telephone Number (EMTEL), offers 24/7 immediate telephone assistance, if there occur problems during transport or handling of dangerous goods/hazardous materials. This comprehensive service ensures assistance not only in the case of spillage, fire or contamination, but also medical advice for toxicological incidents. It also includes consultation around the appropriate disposal measures to be taken.

GBK-EMTEL makes it possible to comply with all international standards!

EMTEL ® Services

  • EMTEL ® Transport
  • EMTEL ® Label
  • EMTEL ® Detergents
  • EMTEL ® Lithium

EMTEL request order module 1-5

  • EMTEL ® China

EMTEL request order China

How it works:

  • You sign a contract with GBK.
  • The safety data sheets in English are stored on our international accessible database.
  • You include our international EMTEL number on your shipping documents or the MSDS.
  • Our emergency experts can be contacted though the EMTEL number at any time of day, 365 days per year.
  • Immediate assistance is offered in the case of spillage, fire or contamination including consultation around appropriate disposal measures.

Your benefits:

  • We take on your legal responsibilities.
  • You assume the responsibility to an external service provider.
  • It is valid for all deliveries to any destination worldwide.

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